The Beautiful Children of the Mekong (Paperback)

The Beautiful Children of the Mekong By Thomas Auer Cover Image

The Beautiful Children of the Mekong (Paperback)


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On an amazing trip to Cambodia in 2019, my wife and I spent a week on the Saigon, a small cruise ship run by Avalon Waterways. It was a wonderful way to explore the Mekong River Valley and to see and meet the people who live and work there.

One of the things that impressed me the most were the children. They were friendly, intelligent, engaging, and loved to have their pictures taken. Even though they lacked many of the comforts afforded to children in the U.S., they expressed a keen interest in the outside world and an appetite for learning. They were excited to meet our small group of outsiders and to welcome us into their surroundings. We saw them at play, at work, and at school.

They entertained us, smiled at us, and cooked for us. They exuded a sparkle in their eyes and a joyful expression on their faces. Their smiles were warm and sincere. Their interactions with their parents demonstrated a respectful and loving relationship. It was clear that their parents were proud of their children and gladly showed them off.

This photographic journal is intended to show the reader the wonders, the energy, and the beauty of the children of the Mekong River Valley in Cambodia. Enjoy

Product Details ISBN: 9781736233085
ISBN-10: 1736233084
Publisher: Thomas H. Auer
Publication Date: August 7th, 2021
Pages: 36
Language: English