E. Z. and the Chikasha Warrior (Paperback)

E. Z. and the Chikasha Warrior By Tony L. Turnbow Cover Image

E. Z. and the Chikasha Warrior (Paperback)


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In Book 2 of the Fighting Devil's Backbone series, as the boy E. Z. Perkins struggles to survive the mysterious, frontier road known as "The Devil's Backbone," a Chickasaw warrior offers him a home. E. Z. must learn the skills of an Indian hunter and warrior to save his own life . . . and the lives of his brother David and his best friend Isaiah. Enemies multiply to test E. Z.'s new skills as he discovers that one of his worst nightmares has become the world in which he must live.

The Fighting Devil's Backbone Series follows the adventures of an eastern boy E. Z. Perkins, who is thrown into a new world on the western U. S. frontier in 1809. E. Z.'s widowed mother brings the boy and his younger brother David to the Natchez Trace, one of the bloodiest roads in U. S. history, to find a new home. The boy is warned that the road is filled with bandits, angry Indian warriors, and supernatural creatures. E. Z. must learn survival skills to save himself and his family.

Product Details ISBN: 9781736260814
ISBN-10: 1736260812
Publisher: Tony L. Turnbow
Publication Date: October 21st, 2021
Pages: 216
Language: English