Fretboard Biology - Level 5 (Paperback)

Fretboard Biology - Level 5 By Joe Elliott Cover Image
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The Fretboard Biology program was developed over the past 20 years and

the techniques have been used to train thousands of professional guitar players.

In Level 5, you will learn:

- THEORY: Harmonic Minor, Minor Modal Interchange, Primary and Secondary Dominants, Functioning and Non-Functioning Dominants

- FRETBOARD LOGIC: The Harmonic Minor Scales, V-I Resolution, In-Position

Arpeggios in Harmonic Minor, Dominint b9 b13 Scale

- RHYTHM GUITAR: Latin Rhythm Guitar, Odd Meter

- CHART READING: How to Read a Chord Chart

- IMPROVISATION: Soloing Using the Harmonic Minor Scale

- PRACTICE: Building an Effective Practice Routine

Product Details
ISBN: 9781736294246
ISBN-10: 1736294245
Publisher: Music Biology Inc
Publication Date: August 22nd, 2022
Pages: 360
Language: English