Forgotten Fables: And Legends of Ancient Earth (Hardcover)

Forgotten Fables: And Legends of Ancient Earth By F. M. Barrera Cover Image
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An anthology of five fantastic stories of ancient Earth and her lost people. Fables have been defined as a legendary story of supernatural happenings meant to reveal a truth or lost history and shouldn't be confused with fairy tales targeted only for children. These, then, are tales for kind and loving children of all ages. Each chapter is a separate story suitable for middle grade readers or higher, ages 8 and above. These fables are gifts that came in dreams from beyond time and space. They have a gentle wisdom in common, a wild imagination, a true sense of irony, a kindness and an empathy that will make them immediately treasured. The rich illustrations, also created by the author, help set the scenes of the various stories, but are merely colorful jump-starts to your own imagination while reading.

"Valley of Night" is about the trials of a boy who straddles a line between faith and duty in a society whose religion values ecological non-interference above all else.

"Washingwa the Earthen Girl" recounts how one woman saved the ancient healing arts from extinction and was able to pass them on.

"Gift of the Blood Fruit" is a tale of irony that highlights how science clashes with personal myths and prejudices.

"The Last Centaur" is a morality tale of the sacred and the profane and how humanity's prejudices can sometimes work against us in spite of ourselves.

"Eye of Queen Amu-Ra" shows us how the Egyptian empire began from the perspective and belief of a little girl.

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ISBN: 9781736330647
ISBN-10: 1736330640
Publisher: Talisman Press
Publication Date: July 10th, 2021
Pages: 36
Language: English