Wrongful Acts (Paperback)

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Wrongful Acts (Paperback)


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Two years ago, Nobel laureate Dr. Allisyn McLoren unexpectedly left her prestigious research position to become the FDA Commissioner. Since then, she has rehabilitated the troubled agency plagued by prior mismanagement and numerous deficiencies, successfully restoring its legitimacy and reputation.

But now she finds herself under pressure from government sources and a prior colleague to circumvent protocol and personally expedite approval of a bio-tech firm's new form of gene therapy, and she's at a loss to explain a common motive.

When a homicide detective's investigation of a deadly altercation between two friends leads him to Allisyn, together they uncover a conspiracy to defraud the government that has deadly consequences. Her pursuit of the necessary evidence to expose the deception and prevent further harm is met with a response that threatens her reputation, career, and even her life.

Product Details ISBN: 9781737265603
ISBN-10: 1737265605
Publisher: Tony Sclama Books
Publication Date: August 3rd, 2021
Pages: 276
Language: English