A Romani Women's Anthology (Paperback)

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A Romani Women's Anthology: Spectrum of the Blue Water is grounded upon Romani women's lived experiences, and confers epistemic privilege on critical insights that derive from their authentic and personal knowledge. Romani women are impressively diverse in their attachments, status, beliefs, and identities. The chapters in this book illustrate this multiplicity by traversing writing motifs. The book is a dynamic blend of life writing, creative work, research essays about identity, childhood, immigration, work, art, memory, love, spirituality, activism, advocacy, leadership, and other themes affecting the lives of Romani women. Visual art, as well as black and white portraits of Romani women complement the written text. Through incisive creativity, pragmatic action, and affective networks, this book consolidates these diverse expressions of agency and collectivity by activists, writers, artists, academics, community leaders, educators, professionals, and cultural and community workers.

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ISBN: 9781771334013
ISBN-10: 1771334010
Publisher: Inanna Publications & Education
Publication Date: April 30th, 2017
Pages: 304
Language: English