A History of Britain Before 1066: Volume 3-The Danish Wars, 796 A.D.-1066 A.D. (Hardcover)

A History of Britain Before 1066: Volume 3-The Danish Wars, 796 A.D.-1066 A.D. By Charles Oman Cover Image
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The final volume of Oman's early conflicts for Britain

Professor Charles Oman's exemplary credentials as an historian require no elaboration. His substantial volume of the history of Britain, embracing over 1,000 years and culminating in the Norman Invasion of 1066, is a masterful, authoritative work on the subject. Mindful of the specialised interests of readers and students of history, Leonaur has divided that work into three separate books, each one of which concentrates on a principal troubled period in detail: The Roman Invasion, The Anglo-Saxon Invasion and The Danish Wars. This, the final volume of the series, commences in 793 AD with the Viking raid on Lindisfarne which heralded a period of terror, rapine and slaughter. Oman briefly describes the origins of the Vikings. Thereafter this history considers the struggles of the Anglo-Saxon kings to keep the invaders at bay. Readers will discover the progress of the 'Great Heathen Army' and the expansion of Danish settlement which led, by the late 9th century, to the Viking dominance of Britain until the death of King Cnut. The Anglo-Saxon, Edward the Confessor then came to the throne and, upon his death, the Earl of Wessex, Harold Godwinson controversially became king. The scene was set for a climactic conclusion and a new beginning for Britain-the Norman invasion of 1066 under William the Conqueror.

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ISBN: 9781782829669
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Publication Date: February 7th, 2022
Pages: 272
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