Pegan Diet Cookbook: 600 Tasty Recipes for Your Whole Family - Embrace the Pegan Lifestyle and Improve Your Wellbeing Through Healthy Foods (Paperback)

Pegan Diet Cookbook: 600 Tasty Recipes for Your Whole Family - Embrace the Pegan Lifestyle and Improve Your Wellbeing Through Healthy Foods By Sheila Baker Cover Image
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Everything About Pegan Diet: A Carefully Curated Cookbook With 600 Delicious Recipes That Will Satisfy All Your Nutritional Needs, Keep You Away From Diseases, and Eliminate the Negative Impacts on Our Environment.

Did you know that almost 88% of us are already in the diabetic spectrum due to our food habits? Even worse, six out of ten are on the verge of developing chronic illnesses like heart disease, dementia, and more, leading to a growing mortality rate worldwide.

Consuming ultra-processed food is not only life-threatening to us but also burdens our ecology with catastrophic consequences while destabilizing our climate.

So, how do we eat to reverse our risks of diseases and reduce the damage done to our dear planet?

The answer to that lies in a specifically designed diet called the Pegan Diet which is a hybrid of Paleo and Vegan diet. This diet incorporates the nutritional benefits of the Paleo and Vegan diet with a primary focus on plant-based food while limiting animal products.

Don't fret about the amount of food you eat instead focus on the type of food you eat because that's what regulates your appetite and makes you eat less.

Keeping your health and well-being in mind, the PEGAN DIET COOKBOOK presents 600 incredibly delicious recipes for each meal of the day that will meet the taste and metabolic needs of every member of the family.

In this cookbook, you will find:

  • A comprehensive idea of the Pegan Diet: Everything you need to know about the blend of paleo and vegan nutritional benefits for a perfectly balanced diet.
  • 600 Pegan Diet recipes with rich nutritional value: From delicious Blueberry pancakes and Tropical smoothies to Mediterranean lamb bowls and more, satisfy all your food cravings and fulfill your dietary needs.
  • The benefits of adapting to a Pegan Diet: Know how this diet helps to prevent chronic diseases, lose weight and improve your wellbeing.
  • Tips to eat sustainable food on a budget: Enlightens you with some actionable advice that helps to lead a healthy lifestyle without spending too much on a diet.
  • An easy-to-follow 7-day meal plan: Filled with lots of vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals with moderate servings of healthy fats and proteins for a well-balanced weekly meal.
  • Pyramid Food to guide how much to eat: Outlines the number of servings you need to maintain the right amount of nutrition from each main food group for a healthy diet.

A Pegan Diet will not restrict you from enjoying your favorite food. Keeping within its boundaries, a Pegan Diet gives you the flexibility to tailor the diet around your lifestyle.

If you enjoy a meal out with family and friends, just ensure to add lots of fruits and veggies to your plate the next day.

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ISBN: 9781803213798
ISBN-10: 1803213795
Publisher: Sheila J. Baker
Publication Date: August 12th, 2021
Pages: 174
Language: English