Stroke Survivor: A Personal Guide to Recovery (Paperback)

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Stroke Survivor: A Personal Guide to Recovery (Paperback)


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At the age of 37 Andy McCann was physically fit, strong and in good health. Then, mid-way through instructing his weekly martial arts class, he experienced a stroke and was rushed to hospital. Until then, the word stroke' had meant little to Andy, and in this book he recounts the many difficulties in learning to live with his new situation.

Funny, poignant and informative, the book is not just a personal story, but also offers a wealth of advice and information for anyone who wants to know more about strokes. He explores a broad range of issues experienced by stroke survivors, from the very practical considerations of managing financial security and understanding medical approaches and terminology to the more personal challenges of coming to terms with a new sense of vulnerability and dealing with the attitudes of friends and family. The common thread throughout is Andy's insistence that he will not be a stroke victim' but a stroke survivor', determined to live with his new set of circumstances in a positive way.

This book is a compelling yet practical source of information that will be valued by professionals and patients alike - whether a fellow stroke survivor, a concerned family member or a health or social care professional working with stroke victims.
Andy McCann held the position of Assistant Headteacher at a secondary school in South Wales when he suffered his stroke. In addition to teaching physical education, he has competed internationally in karate and taught self-defence for many years. In 2002, he was awarded `Master Instructor of the Year' by an International Martial Arts Academy and was given an award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to martial arts in the UK. Since his stroke he has retired from teaching and is training as a clinical hypnotherapist and life coach. He lives in Cardiff, Wales, with his partner Anne.
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Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Publication Date: January 18th, 2006
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