Levelling Up. Good Governance and Effective Planning (Paperback)

Levelling Up. Good Governance and Effective Planning By Roger Read Cover Image
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Is European Governance fit for purpose?

It is hoped that this book will be of interest to all those with a concern for public affairs, be they politicians, officials, advisers or citizens.

- Has Subsidiarity become established as the guiding principle of Good Governance, that is, that Issues should be tackled at the level to which they apply? For example, at national, regional, metropolitan (city region) or local levels.

- And is there Effective Governance, the capability to take decisions in the public interest based on well-informed and reasoned argument, at each of these levels?

- And is the need for Foresight recognised, looking to the medium term of 5- 10/15 years, where strategic issues are clear but decisions have yet to be taken, and to the longer term, from 15-25/30 years, where choices remain to be made?

- And is the need for a Synoptic View of the future recognised, that sees that all strategic issues are inter related and need a coherent approach to their resolution?

- And is there a Strategic Planning capability, at all levels, which enables scenarios of the future to be explored, choices to be identified, decisions to be taken in the public interest and then put into effect through Good Governance and Effective Planning?

Read Levelling Up, if these are issues that interest you.

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ISBN: 9781848903647
ISBN-10: 1848903642
Publisher: College Publications
Publication Date: November 4th, 2021
Pages: 172
Language: English