Typesetting Tables with LaTeX (Paperback)

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Typesetting Tables with LaTeX (Paperback)


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The LaTeX typesetting system is free, and runs on just about any operating system. It produces book-quality output, and is widely used for typesetting articles, books, mathematical works (at which it excels), directories, dictionaries, and other publications generated from databases.

This book shows you how to:

- Create just about any kind of table in LaTeX, from simple to extremely complex

- Use colour in tables

- Produce multi-page tables

- Use available LaTeX packages to simplify your work, with ready-to-run examples for each package

- Present your data in the most effective way

1. Introduction
2. Packages
3. Color in tables
4. Multi-page tables
5. Tips and tricks
6. Examples
7. Questions and answers

Intended audience

-Authors, especially in the fields of mathematics, engineering, sciences, statistics and economics, where LaTeX is widely used
-Colelge staff and students
-Database publishers, where precise table layout is important for effective data presentation
-Book and journal publishers

Product Details ISBN: 9781906860257
ISBN-10: 1906860254
Publisher: UIT Cambridge Ltd.
Publication Date: January 31st, 2011
Pages: 208
Language: English
"Herbert Voss is without doubt one of the German latex luminaries" (Amazon) "The text is easily understandable and comprehensive, with numerous illustrations and examples." (Amazon.de customer review)