Resilience And Hope In Relation To General Health In Surgical Patients (Paperback)

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BSTRACT The title of the present research study is "Resilience and hope in relation to general health among surgical patients". The frequencies of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and traumatic injuries are increasing day by day and giving rise to public health care. These physical ailments can incline a person to mental sickness to some degree. Numerous chronic diseases are related to the abnormal level of hormones that can trigger the mental health of a person. And increased levels of stress can affect a person's physical as well as mental health. There can be circumstances where drugs, physical therapy, and way of life do not change or fix the problem or condition and the level of pain. Medical professionals recommend surgery at this stage, and the thought of undergoing the knives can add a huge amount of stress and anxiety. This can disturb a person's mental state which may result in delayed recovery and sometimes a threat to that person's life. So there's a need to identify protective/positive factors as these factors can help in maintaining a balance in lives during stressful and difficult situations. The interaction of depression, surgery and anesthesia may result in a significant increase in the mortality rate of patients. So acute prediction of preoperative risk enables informed consent for patients as well as can provide a guideline in clinical decision making. And positive traits like resilience, hardiness, coping style, hope, optimism, etc may assist patients surviving the adversity which affects both physical and mental health negatively and promote healthy behaviours. Research Objectives The following research objectives were set for the present research study: 1. To examine the relationship of resilience and hope with general health among surgical patients at pre and post-surgical stages. 2. To study the difference in means of resilience, hope and general health among patients at pre and post-surgical stages. 3. To identify the critical predictors of general health among resilience and hope separately and jointly at pre and post-surgical stages. 4. To examine the moderating effect of gender on the relationship of: a) Resilience and general health at pre and post-surgical stages separately. b) Hope and general health at pre and post-surgical stages separately.

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