Changing Faces: The Secret to Ethically Growing an Aesthetics Business (Paperback)

Changing Faces: The Secret to Ethically Growing an Aesthetics Business By Richard Crawford-Small Cover Image
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Are you struggling to get your aesthetics business off the ground?

Do you find all the marketing and social media stuff a bit yucky?

Is it more stressful than you thought it would be?

Having all those pretty training certificates and equipment is one thing, but building a sustainable ethical aesthetics business from scratch

is another, especially with the rise in competition. And if you haven't managed a small business before then it can feel pretty overwhelming.

The good news is there is a straightforward plan for getting this right, one that Richard Crawford-Small has used with hundreds of aesthetics

entrepreneurs up and down the country since 2004. As a mentor with many years' experience, he has helped them start up at home, and scale up to having one or more high street practices. His method gets results, and anyone can do it, no previous experience required. He's taken his old ex-naval motto "Keep it simple, sailor" and applied it to this so you can make quick and easy progress.

In this book he guides you through how to get all the areas of your business up to speed step by step. The foundations you lay here will serve

you so well as your business grows.

Richard Crawford-Small is a best-selling author and founder of Aesthetic Entrepreneurs, a coaching company that has changed the lives of hundreds of practitioners. Richard has a unique style, telling it "how it is". His no-nonsense approach demands results, and that's what he gets, with lots

of fun on the way.

Richard is married to Amy, has four children and loves hats, rugby, karate and riding his Harley.

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ISBN: 9781913717797
ISBN-10: 1913717798
Publisher: Known Publishing
Publication Date: June 17th, 2022
Pages: 226
Language: English