Return to My Trees: Notes from the Welsh Woodlands (Hardcover)

Return to My Trees: Notes from the Welsh Woodlands By Matthew Yeomans Cover Image

Return to My Trees: Notes from the Welsh Woodlands (Hardcover)


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Walking through ancient Welsh forests, Yeomans reflects on our relationship to the woods.
When and how did humans lose their connection with nature—and how do we find it again? In Return to My Trees, Matthew Yeomans seeks to answer these questions as he walks more than 300 miles through the ancient and modern forests of Wales. Weaving history and folklore together with tales of industrial progress and decay, Yeomans immerses himself in the homes of ancient Druids, early Celtic saints, Norman lords, and early miners. As Yeomans walks, he reflects on the woodlands’ uncertain future and how humans might make peace with the natural world. 
Matthew Yeomans has written about the environment, sustainability, travel, and business for The Guardian, The Atlantic, National Geographic, Travel & Leisure, and The Village Voice. He is the author of three books and is a contributor to the Rough Guides travel series. He also taught writing and journalism at New York University and Cardiff University School of Journalism, Media, and Culture
Product Details ISBN: 9781915279149
ISBN-10: 1915279143
Publisher: Calon
Publication Date: May 1st, 2023
Pages: 256
Language: English
“Walking 36 miles through the Welsh countryside, [Yeomans] considers a proposed new national forest, which is designed to help tackle climate change, boost biodiversity and promote nature tourism.”
— The New York Times

"An informed and affable guide to Welsh nature and history."
— Kirkus

"Return to My Trees is an enthusiastic, witty, and sobering travel account. It gives voice to the dying souls of abused forests and vivifies lands that are untouched by human hands; it warns that a choice must be made regarding what will be left for future generations."
— Foreword Reviews

"This book offers an uncanny mix that
looks back to Wales’s rich history and legends
and forward to its aspirational green
future. VERDICT: For prospective Wales
walkers, recommended. For armchair pilgrims,
a delight."
— Library Journal