Becoming Australian: A Practical Guide to Migrating (Hardcover)

Becoming Australian: A Practical Guide to Migrating By Chris Burlo Cover Image
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This book will make a wonderful gift for a friend or loved one who is migrating. It is specifically designed to be easily fully read during a flight to your destination.

If you are the one migrating and looking for guidance from an ordinary bloke who has already travelled the migrant's path that you are thinking about embarking upon, then look no further. This book will give you deep insight into everything that lies ahead of you.

The author did not have two dollars to rub together when he took the decision to migrate with his family. The need to migrate surpassed the need to have a comfortable life at the other side, and money was not an issue.

While this story is my story and about migrating to Australia, it will be just as applicable to any migrant who is thinking of migrating to anywhere in the world, not just Australia.

Same shit Just a different continent

This book is packed with hundreds of useful money saving hints, hints on how to think, hints on how to assimilate and how to survive and go on to thrive on your journey into the new country.

When it comes to migrating, if you are worried about having enough money to migrate, then forget the whole migration thing because you will never have enough money to migrate.

Migration is for the crazy, courageous, fearless people...the risk takers

But with a little bit of the guidance provided in this book, your journey will hopefully be made a bit smoother.

Good luck, go for it and don't forget to relish what I call the scary excitement as it unfolds before you

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ISBN: 9781922405166
ISBN-10: 1922405167
Publisher: Tablo Pty Ltd
Publication Date: March 27th, 2020
Pages: 220
Language: English