Superette (Paperback)

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Superette's speaker assumes the guise of an audacious flaneuse with a practiced eye for detail. A combination of Dorothy Parker wit, burlesque, and punk, this citizen stylist observes urban life anew. The collection pulsates with sneaky beats and sharp observations of latent and not-so-latent fantasies. Her poems swell with lunch-hour humidity, re-envisioning our everyday routines and small intimacies. be prepared to surrender to Superette's artful turns and city pockets, as Bufton leads us through a contemporary expanse with effortless flair.

Melinda Bufton is a Melbourne-based poet. Her debut collection Girlery (2014) was hailed by Emily Bitto as "both political and sassy in its challenge to poetic doctrine." A leading voice of third-wave feminism, Melinda's work has appeared in Contemporary Australian Feminist Poetry (2016) and Contemporary Australian Poetry (2016).

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ISBN: 9781925780055
ISBN-10: 1925780058
Publisher: Puncher & Wattmann
Publication Date: August 1st, 2018
Pages: 62
Language: English