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In everyone's life, there is a moment...a time...a decision you make or fail to make that changes the entire direction of your life. And today you see it as a pattern repeating itself over and over like a broken record. For me, it happened about thirty years ago when I was seven going on eight.

Little did I know that it actually began long before I was born. A similar moment in time... a decision made that would define one legacy, and become the postscript for another. Through the eyes of a child... from one generation to the next... what path do we take?

The grave was smaller than I remembered. I should have expected that. Memories don't seem to adjust proportionately with age. While remembering, I'm always seven going on eight.

TO: Detective Ron Steele, Cloverdale Police Dept, 112 Broad St. Cloverdale, CA 94525

RE: Our Discussion of Found Manuscript

Dear Detective Steele,

As we discussed enclosed is the manuscript recovered during our home remodel. Again, the workers said it was inside the wall behind a patch in the lath and plaster. The pages were not numbered. I numbered them in red ink before I realized what I was reading (sorry).

I don't know if it has any value, but after you've completed your investigation, if the manuscript is not considered evidence I would like to have it returned.

As always, I'm available to answer any questions you may have.


Jennifer Haley

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ISBN: 9781942661870
ISBN-10: 1942661878
Publisher: Kitsap Publishing
Publication Date: August 10th, 2018
Pages: 220
Language: English