Go Dairy Free: The Ultimate Guide and Cookbook for Milk Allergies, Lactose Intolerance, and Casein-Free Living (Paperback)

Go Dairy Free: The Ultimate Guide and Cookbook for Milk Allergies, Lactose Intolerance, and Casein-Free Living By Alisa Fleming Cover Image

Go Dairy Free: The Ultimate Guide and Cookbook for Milk Allergies, Lactose Intolerance, and Casein-Free Living (Paperback)


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If ONE simple change could resolve most of your symptoms and prevent a host of illnesses, wouldn't you want to try it?

Go Dairy Free shows you how!

There are plenty of reasons to go dairy free. Maybe you are confronting allergies or lactose intolerance. Maybe you are dealing with acne, digestive issues, sinus troubles, or eczema—all proven to be associated with dairy consumption. Maybe you're looking for longer-term disease prevention, weight loss, or for help transitioning to a plant-based diet.

Whatever your reason, Go Dairy Free is the essential arsenal of information you need to change your diet. This complete guide and cookbook will be your vital companion to understand dairy, how it affects you, and how you can eliminate it from your life and improve your health—without feeling like you're sacrificing a thing.


   • More than 250 delicious dairy-free recipes focusing on naturally rich and delicious whole foods, with numerous options to satisfy those dairy cravings
   • A comprehensive guide to dairy substitutes explaining how to purchase, use, and make your own alternatives for butter, cheese, cream, milk, and much more
   • Must-have grocery shopping information, from sussing out suspect ingredients and label-reading assistance to money-saving tips
   • A detailed chapter on calcium to identify naturally mineral-rich foods beyond dairy, the best supplements, and other keys to bone health
   • An in-depth health section outlining the signs and symptoms of dairy-related illnesses and addressing questions around protein, fat, and other nutrients in the dairy-free transition
   • Everyday living tips with suggestions for restaurant dining, travel, celebrations, and other social situations
   • Infant milk allergy checklists that describe indicators and solutions for babies and young children with milk allergies or intolerances
   • Food allergy- and vegan-friendly resources, including recipe indexes to quickly find gluten-free and other top food allergy-friendly options and fully tested plant-based options for every recipe
Alisa Fleming is the founder of GoDairyFree.org, the leading website and online magazine for dairy-free living since 2004. She is also the author of Go Dairy Free: The Guide and Cookbook and editor for the international publication Allergic Living magazine.

Alisa is an expert in recipe creation, lifestyle topics and informational writing for the special diet industry. She has spoken at several events and continuously works with leading natural food brands to ensure that dairy-free consumers have a never-ending supply of delicious options.
Product Details ISBN: 9781944648916
ISBN-10: 1944648917
Publisher: BenBella Books
Publication Date: June 12th, 2018
Pages: 515
Language: English
"Alisa Fleming has done a highly commendable job by collecting these non-dairy finger-licking recipes in Go Dairy Free."

—Washington Book Review

“This is the definitive bible for dairy-free living. Whether you have food allergies or are choosing to reduce or eliminate dairy for health or ideological reasons, Alisa walks you through every question, concern, and obstacle, and provides simple solutions in an informative yet easy-going and approachable way.”

—Tess Masters, author of The Blender Girl, The Blender Girl Smoothies, and The Perfect Blend

“This book is the ultimate guide to going dairy free! Part guidebook and part cookbook, Go Dairy Free is the perfect resource for anyone wanting or choosing to reduce or eliminate the dairy in their diet. Alisa provides a wealth of well-researched information and helps you navigate the dairy-free world whether it be eating out at restaurants, going grocery shopping, or stocking your own kitchen.”

—Dr. Sonali Ruder, The Foodie Physician

“This book is one of the most powerful resources available for anyone who is considering or is living dairy free. It is packed with insight, knowledge, wisdom, and practical solutions for 21st-century families. I am incredibly grateful for Alisa’s steadfast leadership here!”

—Robyn O’Brien, bestselling author, renowned activist, and founder of AllergyKids

“With her engaging and fully revised Go Dairy Free, Alisa Fleming has unveiled a remarkable road map to dairy-free living. Her array of 250 recipes is unbeatable—from plant-based ‘mylks,’ to creative mains, free-from ice creams, cakes, toddler foods, ‘cheeze’ wheels, and plenty more. . . . Whether you have a child with a severe milk allergy, your own lactose intolerance, or a preference for life without dairy, look no farther: this is the book to for you.”

—Gwen Smith, chief editor of Allergic Living magazine 

 “For more than a decade, Alisa Fleming has led the dairy-free movement sharing recipes, product reviews, and lifestyle tips with millions of readers. Now, Alisa delivers the quintessential dairy-free resource with Go Dairy Free. This book will give you the confidence and necessary tools to go dairy free—for good!”

—Dreena Burton, author of Plant-Powered Families, dreenaburton.com

“This book is a must-have reference guide and a vital tool for everyone living a dairy-free life, as well as anyone considering making the leap. The depth of information is outstanding and the organization of such a wide breadth of knowledge makes Go Dairy Free an unparalleled essential on the topic. . . . This book makes the what, why, and how of dairy-free living absolutely effortless.”

—Meghan Telpner, bestselling author of The UnDiet Cookbook and founder of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition

“I wish I had Alisa Fleming’s book as a resource when I transitioned to a dairy-free lifestyle to help manage my chronic asthma almost a decade ago. Now, her community and books are a resource for my clients and audience. No one should be worried that removing dairy means deprivation or lack of joy in eating. Go Dairy Free’s tips and recipes show that you can still enjoy your favorite dishes and even expand your diet’s variety and nutrient density.”

—Kelly Jones, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN, sports nutrition consultant and intuitive eating expert

Go Dairy Free is a comprehensive guide that teaches you how to navigate a dairy-free life fully without feeling deprived. . . . As we continue to see the numbers of people going dairy free increase for a variety of reasons, this book will prove to be a valuable tool for so many individuals.”

—Amy Good, RD, LD  

“When I realized it was truly time to kick the dairy if I wanted to feel better, I needed two things: information that would fully convince me it was a good idea and a guide to make it seem less intimidating. I found both of those in Go Dairy Free and it made the journey so much easier.”

—Amanda Brooks, owner of RunToTheFinish.com 

“Whether you’re new to going dairy-free or just need some fresh recipe inspiration, Alisa has got you covered with this comprehensive collection of easy and delicious recipes. Her real world tips are sure to help make the transition to this lifestyle easier, without missing out on any of the essential nutrients your body needs.”

—Megan Gilmore, author of Everyday Detox and No Excuses Detox