Ramayana, Medium: Ramcharitmanas, Hindi Edition, Medium Size (Paperback)

Ramayana, Medium: Ramcharitmanas, Hindi Edition, Medium Size By Goswami Tulsidas, Vidya Wati (Editor) Cover Image

Ramayana, Medium: Ramcharitmanas, Hindi Edition, Medium Size (Paperback)


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Popularly called Tulsi Ramayana or simply Ramayana, this is the Devnagri Text of Ramcharitmanas comprising of all the seven Kandas. It is composed by the saint and seer: the revered Goswami Tulsidas. The book size is 8"x10" and the Font used is regular.

Our other editions of the same book: Ramayana, Large and Ramayana, Small use larger/smaller fonts and paper size.

Important: This book has only the Original Text in Devnagri Script and NO Transliteration or Translation. For Transliteration please buy: "Ramcharitmanas: Original Text with Transliteration" . For Original Text with English Translation & Transliteration please buy: "Tulsi Ramayana--The Hindu Bible".

For those who wish to keep a second copy of this Holy Scripture in their worship room or altar, we have these other editions:

  • Tulsi Ramayana--The Hindu Bible: Ramcharitmanas with English Translation & Transliteration (ISBN: 9781945739019 )
  • Ramcharitmanas: Original Text with Transliteration (ISBN: 9781945739002 )
  • Ramayana, Large: Hindi Edition, Large Font/paper size (ISBN: 9781945739064 )
  • Ramayana, Small: Hindi Edition, Small Font/paper size (ISBN: 9781945739088 )

Product Details ISBN: 9781945739125
ISBN-10: 1945739126
Publisher: Only Rama Only
Publication Date: May 23rd, 2018
Pages: 204
Language: Hindi