Resembling Lepus (Paperback)

Resembling Lepus By Amanda Kool, Anthony Rivera (Editor) Cover Image
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Earth's sixth mass extinction has ended, and in its wake a post-dystopian civilization has struggled to rebuild after a global cataclysm shattered its ecosystems and propelled all life to the brink of eradication.

In a world where the air is unhealthy, food is strictly rationed, and the energy consumption that triggered the destruction is highly regimented, scientists experiment with artificial biospheres to secure survival and techno-mimicry to breathe life into long-dead species. It's an unavoidable surveillance state where every living thing is tracked, numbered, and categorized.

In this fledgling society born out of catastrophic loss and now challenged with a new reverence for all life, a lone detective is haunted by a series of murders traumatizing the populace. Assisted by a medical colleague, she finds herself entangled in a crisis with far-reaching consequences and dangerous repercussions that threaten the fragile balance of all existence.

What is the impact on humanity when mankind is required to play god to the creatures they have all but destroyed?

Proudly presented by Emergent Expressions from Grey Matter Press, the independent home of multiple award-winning and Bram Stoker Award-nominated titles.

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ISBN: 9781950569090
ISBN-10: 1950569098
Publisher: Grey Matter Press
Publication Date: April 26th, 2022
Pages: 132
Language: English