Zana West's Diary: #CaliGirls, #FirstCar, and #HonoluluLaw (Tri-Angles) (Paperback)

Zana West's Diary: #CaliGirls, #FirstCar, and #HonoluluLaw (Tri-Angles) By Katharine M. Nohr Cover Image

Zana West's Diary: #CaliGirls, #FirstCar, and #HonoluluLaw (Tri-Angles) (Paperback)

"Thoroughly engrossing... A must read for fans of the Zana West legal mysteries."

-Laurie Hanan, Author of the Louise Golden mystery series

When all is lost, can young Zana West find the strength to stay strong?

Before Land Sharks, Zana West struggled to survive after the death of her mom and her dad's spiral into heroin addiction. Her childhood diary records her feelings and adventures as she navigates the California foster home system.

One night, she's attacked in her sleep. With no safe place to stay, Zana runs away and becomes homeless. Zana West's Diary is the story of how a courageous young girl tries to use the court system to win emancipation from her father, while venturing out into the world alone, and keep a goal of going to law school. Readers will learn about the indelible impression her early mentors and relationships left on her, how she developed her drive to succeed, and what brings her to Honolulu, Hawaii where her new life begins.

Product Details ISBN: 9781951375218
ISBN-10: 1951375211
Publisher: Written Dreams Publishing
Publication Date: June 22nd, 2021
Pages: 188
Language: English
Series: Tri-Angles