Teaching the Teacher's Pet: A YA Enemies to Lovers Romance (Most Likely to) (Paperback)

Teaching the Teacher's Pet: A YA Enemies to Lovers Romance (Most Likely to) By Sarah Sutton Cover Image
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When the popular crowd at Brentwood High votes me Most Likely To: Marry A Math Book, I'm ready to put my ruler into the eye of any egotistical jock who comes near me.

Including the idolized Bobcats football player, Connor Bray, when he asks me to tutor him.

His only requirement?

Our tutoring sessions must be top-secret-meaning that because Connor is too embarrassed to be seen with the resident math geek, I can't even tell my boyfriend I'm helping Brentwood High's all-star player.

And I'm about to tell him where he can stick his protractor when the principal steps in, saying that if I agree to help Connor pass his makeup test-and keep him on the team to lead Brentwood to the State Championships-she'll reinstate the valedictorian award I'd been striving my for my entire life.

Brentwood High's finest, cornering its top student with bribery.

But there is one thing Connor might have to offer in return-love advice to recapture the spark with my ever-distant boyfriend. Connor, who keeps the student body mesmerized just by flashing a forearm, is bound to have a good game plan, right?

Except when Connor begins to give me lessons in love-and his demonstrations are breathtakingly thorough-it starts to feel like I'm the one getting schooled.

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ISBN: 9781957283029
ISBN-10: 1957283025
Publisher: Golden Crown Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: August 17th, 2022
Pages: 432
Language: English
Series: Most Likely to