Going Beyond the Call: Mental Health Fitness for Public Safety Professionals (Paperback)

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The brave souls who choose to serve others in dangerous professions have a connected burden. There is a cost to all they see, hear, touch, and manage. Stress injuries take root in the brain and nervous systems often to the detriment of long-term psychological wellness, physiological health and public and personal relationships. The enhanced resiliency that most bring to the job can be impacted by cumulative or one-time trauma events. Experiences that change behaviors, personalities, interactive management from a pre-escalation mindset and the mental fortitude to choose healthy coping mechanisms. The cost to individuals, agencies, and potentially, community members when left unchecked is substantial. Emotional control, managing interactions, coping with stress and influencing others in the best interest of all involved may be hindered without preparing for the mental ambush. T.E.A.R.S. - Tactical Emotional Adversity Resiliency System uses Behavioral Sciences and Neuroscience from a layman's perspective to strengthen and build resiliency for the known challenges in these professions. From addictive coping to burn-out to disorders to suicide there is a better system to prepare for the mental ambush. Our preemptive approach will avoid the costly and potentially deadly outcomes of unmanaged stress injuries before they ruin careers, lives, and relationships. Our mission values the lives bettered and saved with our system of training. However, the benefits reach far beyond the individual as we support the government and agencies who lose millions in unnecessary costs due to stress related time off, injuries, safety issues, conduct unbecoming cases, and lawsuits. We aim to improve all aspects of interactive success and the communities served will be better off with mentally fit members.These professions don't show up unless there is an emotionally heightened situation. It is logical to change the way most agencies approach their core and annual training to improve the tools needed for 90% of the calls they face. Currently most agencies focus core training on the 10% of calls they attend. This practice takes up most of the time and funds allotted in the budget. It leaves the government, agencies, individuals and communities vulnerable to the festering wounds of stress building up in every member serving the public. Our strategic approach provides tactics to prepare and mitigate risks from all fronts. The front-line professionals gain awareness, prevention, mitigation, and resiliency tools on how to manage the guaranteed stress impact of their career choice, from recruit to retiree. Mental fitness directly correlates to budget and risk management and Going Beyond the Call consults clients on how this impact can be reduced. This book will aid leaders, administrators, and elected officials with insights on how a trauma-informed workforce will improve the bottom line quickly.Increasingly, jurisdictions are covering PTSD as an allowable claim under workers' compensation. Recognition through medical and scientific proof are undeniably changing our understanding of how psychological trauma impacts the mind and body. The projected burden on budget dollars is incentive enough to ensure that organizations optimize their mental health training as logic and facts prove that prevention is always a wise investment. Lastly, the cost of rising lawsuits over conduct-unbecoming cases; sensationalized media reporting management; spousal-suits for lack of training related to suicide and on-the-job deaths; and recruitment and retention challenges translate to a necessary cultural shift in how agencies train, performance-manage and reduce preventable incidents. FOR SELF. FOR PUBLIC. FOR AGENCIES. FOR LEADERS. FOR OVERSIGHT ROLES. GOING BEYOND THE CALL MENTAL HEALTH FITNESS IS THE ANSWER YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR PUBLIC SAFETY: GBTC911.comNON PUBLIC SAFETY: GoingBeyondTheCall.com Linkedin.com/company/gbtc.

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ISBN: 9781988995175
ISBN-10: 1988995175
Publisher: Library and Archives Canada
Publication Date: December 9th, 2019
Pages: 292
Language: English