Nova: The Courage to Rise (Paperback)

Nova: The Courage to Rise By Tricia Jacobson Cover Image

Nova: The Courage to Rise (Paperback)


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International Impact Book Awards 2021 WINNERFirebird Book Awards 2021 WINNER*****

How many stars are up there, Aurora?

Too many to count, Stella.

More than a million? You should know. I'm just the big mouth.

Okay, maybe a billion. You're not that loud, Stella.

Who are we, anyway?

Sometimes I wish I was a star. And everything was a restart.

Sometimes I wish I hadn't been born.

Stella don't say that. Hey, can I tell you a story?


Once upon a time, high in a tree, in a small park in a big city...


So begins the inner city camping adventure and quest of down-to-earth Aurora, who grew up in the foster system, and quirky Stella, raised by her grandfather.

A cast of characters-real and inanimate-influence them as they answer questions like: What does self-worth mean? What are positive self-talk and body image? Self-love for young women?

A story of coming of age, NOVA explores community, friendship, and faith, and how thinking differently about the past can build a meaningful future.

Hold your vision, Stella. Text me every night and ask me how many stars are up there. Because, when you ask, you're holding me.

Product Details ISBN: 9781989059784
ISBN-10: 1989059783
Publisher: Ingenium Books
Publication Date: November 15th, 2021
Pages: 248
Language: English