777 Codes: of Gematria and the Constants of Physics (Paperback)

777 Codes: of Gematria and the Constants of Physics By Alexander Marcussen Cover Image

777 Codes: of Gematria and the Constants of Physics (Paperback)


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A great book about Bible codes that go into different subjects like Genesis 1:1 & John 1:1, physics & its codes, numerical connections of words & phrases, and even word & letter counts of the Bible. And the notorious numbers 666, 777 & 888 (number 888 is the value of "Jesus" Ιησους). Including a probability that hits 119 digits Many great codes are seen in this book

I also go into certain numerical patterns found in the Bible.

It is a book that goes deep into decoding verses especially Genesis 1:1 & John 1:1. The book is full color and artistically stylized to be beautiful.

Did you know that the value of "Jesus Christ" in Greek is hidden in the names of Adam and Eve? How about Jesus being encoded in many ways in the very first verse of the Bible? Have you seen the Jesus codes of Genesis 1:1? It's all here.

There are even codes of Melchizedek the High Priest of God being Jesus here. Codes of Jesus are connected to Pi, the Ark of God and even the

Tree of Life. The book is fantastic.

I spent over 7 years and had to invest over 7000$ in technology that took overt 3 years to complete in order to get the book as good as possible.

This book will blow your mind many times over.

Other subjects are also covered like decoding the 10 commandments, The Ark of God and the 12 Tribes of Israel.

Even some codes are in it regarding the modern identity of the Ten Lost tribes of Israel.

I doubt you will find a better book about numerical Bible codes than this one, as I have been very dedicated for a long time now doing Bible codes and being my own detective.

This book contains the meaning of the hidden meaning of the constants of physics like:

the Fine-Structure Constant (α), the Natural Logarithm (e), Pi (π) & the Golden Ratio (φ).

And it gives you the meaning of the fine-structure constant (α) that has been one of the greatest mysteries of physics since it was discovered in 1916.

The Fine-Structure Constant is the Heart of Wisdom in these codes sealed with the Seal of God.

It is everywhere in the universe and it's very prominent in the numerical codes of God.

It is a magnificent mystery that even the famous physicist never understood since the meaning of the fine-structure constant is hidden in the Bible codes of God.

Alpha the fine-structure constant and number 777 the seal of God is among the greatest things of the numerical codes of God.

Here are different reasons why you should buy this book:

If you are interested in numerical Bible codes also known as gematria or perhaps have never seen Bible codes before.

If you do not believe in God and want proof of who God is.

If you think life has no meaning and the universe is here by random chance.

If you think the constants of physics do not prove God's existence.

If you like symmetry and magnificent connections.

If you like mysterious stuff along with riddles.

If you think Bible codes are a joke.

If you are tired of mainstream stuff.

If you follow a religion or are religious at all.

If you want to see something deep, profound and incredible at the same time that concerns our universe and reality.

If you want to see the real mysteries and riddles of God.

If you want to see miracles on paper.

If you like universe stuff, I have a short chapter decoding the Sun, Moon, earth, Jupiter and Saturn.

If you like numbers and wonder about the meaning of certain numbers.

If you want to know the deeper meanings of the numbers 7, 12, 37, 42, 137, 666, 777 & 888.

Product Details ISBN: 9788269265712
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Publisher: Alexsander Marcussen
Publication Date: November 17th, 2022
Pages: 300
Language: English