Dawson Junior G3 (Paperback)

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In the mid-24th Century life is comfortable and secure. Companions - robots almost indistinguishable from humans - fulfil their owner's every need, including sexual. Almost every house is weaponised and able to protect its residents from any attack and to obliterate any attacker. This protection system is known as The Door, and the current version is Dawson Junior G3.But as these home comforts have made people self-sufficient, they no longer meet up. In particular men and women are no longer attracted to each other. The population is plummeting. The state is doing its best to encourage people to marry and have children, but with little success.Frank Mayfield, a well-off 39-year-old man, faces the prospect of a loveless marriage. But before the big day arrives, he accidentally meets a woman different from any other he has ever encountered. She makes him aware of the problems of his society and the way technology engenders distrust and drives people apart.But can these problems be fixed? Having invented technology to make life safer and easier, is it possible to discard it and return to a simpler era? And is the society worth saving?In a fast-paced and entertaining story, with many comic moments, Dawson Junior G3 confronts the questions 'Where is technology taking us?' and 'how far can a decaying and corrupt society demand our loyalty?'

Product Details
ISBN: 9789198671049
ISBN-10: 9198671049
Publisher: Nordic Press
Publication Date: January 1st, 2021
Pages: 148
Language: English