Dash Diet: PROTECT YOUR HEART - A Heart Healthy cookbook With Effective Recipes To Fight High Blood Pressure and Lower Cholestero (Paperback)

Dash Diet: PROTECT YOUR HEART - A Heart Healthy cookbook With Effective Recipes To Fight High Blood Pressure and Lower Cholestero By Vincent Ingram Cover Image
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Keep Your Heart In Optimal Working Condition For a Lifetime of Health With the Dash Diet Today

A heart-healthy diet is incredibly important. The truth is, you must be able to manage your diet well if you want to be healthy. The average diet is actually incredibly unhealthy for the heart, and the sooner that you are able to change up how you treat yourself and your body, the better off you will be. The average person consumes far too much salt and not enough of the important fruits and veggies that they need. As a result, they wind up with problems with their blood sugars, their blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. It is important to understand that your heart is one of the most important parts of your body-you cannot live without it. You need to keep it healthy. If you want to ensure that you can keep yourself healthy, you need to make sure that you eat the foods that will help you to nourish it readily. The sooner that you can do so, the better off you will be. This book is here to provide you with plenty of heart-healthy meals that you can enjoy that will help you to stay as healthy as possible.

In This Book You Will Learn:

✓ The Rules of The Heart-Healthy Diet

✓ Power of Decreased Saturated and Trans Fats

✓ How To Consume More Fiber

✓ The Benefits of Plant Proteins

✓ How To Up Your Whole Grain Intake

✓ Benefits of Limiting Sweets

✓ How To Drink In Moderation

Benefits of the Heart Healthy Diet Include:

★ Preventing Heart Disease

★ Keep Your Body Healthier

★ Cutting the risk of Alzheimer's disease

★ Cutting the risk of Parkinson's disease

★ Longer lifespan

★ Healthier mind: If you suffer from anxiety or depression, this diet can actually help to alleviate some of the symptoms, or keep them at bay in the future.

★ Weight Management

And so much more

If you have struggled with your weight for some time, you may find that using this diet will actually help you to manage it, thanks to the fact that you'll be cutting out much of the foods that tend to lead to weight gain in the first place. You'll be able to enjoy a healthier body as the weight fades away through enjoying this diet.

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ISBN: 9789814950732
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Publisher: Jw Choices
Publication Date: January 31st, 2023
Pages: 230
Language: English