Retired... And I'm Still Tired!: Musings of a Grumpy Old Coot (Paperback)

Retired... And I'm Still Tired!: Musings of a Grumpy Old Coot By I. Mayputz Cover Image
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I am not a medical doctor, a psychologist, or even a sociologist but an insignificant former pharmacist and newly retired dentist. After a lifelong struggle with a chronic illness and job-related stress, I thought a comedic book on the various aspects of aging might be in order. Though not strictly a memoir, my intentions were to slightly relive my life while poking a little fun at the absurd promises made to senior citizens about the "good" times ahead. At the same time, I want to give hope and encouragement to the many "wounded pensioners" out there who have almost given up on a "normal" existence. However, even in retirement, the battles continue. It seems as if the processes of aging and slowing down are not a panacea or as therapeutically rewarding as originally hoped for. What the hell? I was tired while working and I'm still tired, dammit Retirement was supposed to be a "lifetime achievement award," a decadent dessert or a "gravy train" after a life of hard work. But, instead, it congealed into lumpy gravy, at best. The golden years somehow turned into rusty ones. Let's explore what happens after you lock up for the last time. Hopefully you will find the stories within the following pages to be humorous and not overly tiring, and you will laugh along with me. Maybe at me, as well

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ISBN: 9798218001834
Publisher: MR Nick Productions, LLC
Publication Date: May 1st, 2022
Pages: 250
Language: English