This Glorious Dance: Thoughts & Contemplations About Who We Are (Hardcover)

This Glorious Dance: Thoughts & Contemplations About Who We Are By Seye Kuyinu, Caverly Morgan (Foreword by) Cover Image

This Glorious Dance: Thoughts & Contemplations About Who We Are (Hardcover)

By Seye Kuyinu, Caverly Morgan (Foreword by)


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We live in a world defined by duality, yet our true essence remains nondual. "Being in the world, but not of the world" encapsulates this profound truth. This Glorious Dance invites you into a nondualistic and paradoxical exploration of life, challenging conventional views of existence with piercing insights and whimsical musings.

Touching on nuanced experiences of separation like anxiety, depression, unforgiveness, daily challenges, and even death, Seye Kuyinu masterfully uses vivid examples and playful inquiries to scrutinize science, religion, and philosophy. This examination urges a reevaluation of widely accepted beliefs and theories, suggesting that these perspectives, often revered as sacrosanct, may be simple interpretations of a much more intricate, unified, non-separate, yet beautiful dance of existence.

This book probes deep into the nature of duality-good and evil, beautiful and ugly, love and hate, light and darkness, life and death-proposing that true understanding transcends these conventional dichotomies. Its apparent goal is to explore who we are, what we are, and what all of this is.

This is an invitation to perceive life not as a sequence of random events but as a beautifully orchestrated dance. It encourages readers to transcend their preconceptions, discover the music in the mundane, and realize their role as an integral part(and whole) of the universal melody. You may find that nothing was ever wrong with you or the world. Irrespective of what anyone may have made you believe.

This Glorious Dance is an analogy used throughout this book, representing life's intricate play. As we clearly perceive this dance, we recognize ourselves as the One dancing. Dancing as pain and pleasure. Dancing as good and evil. Dancing as resistance and play. Dancing as poverty and wealth. Possessing nothing but owning everything.

"With playfulness and depth, This Glorious Dance invites us to consider what it means to live, to experience, and to be. Reading and reflecting on each poem and essay, I grew increasingly inspired: lighter, freer, and gentler. I highly recommend it to anyone desiring spiritual nourishment, new perspectives, or a break from their ordinary " -Matthew Maxwell, author of How To Hold a Cockroach: A book for those who are free and don't know it.

"Delve into this book and you will find it thought-provoking. Delve deeper and you will find it to be beyond thought-provoking, you'll discover that it's experience-provoking. That is, direct experience unfiltered by thoughts. Through a deft and playful interweaving of prose and poetry, Seye Kuyinu brings you to the nonverbal understanding of the nature of thought, of your true nature, of your existence as the universe itself. Or should I say, as the universe yourself?" -Brian Tom O'Connor, author of Awareness Games and Awareness Adventures, and co-host of the podcast, Awareness Explorers.

"This Glorious Dance is a vibrant expression of the inexpressible. Kuyinu wields both prose and verse fluently in this collection. Readers will surely benefit from the wisdom in his spacious, welcoming words." -TW Walsh, author of Coherence

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Publisher: Pressi.Ng
Publication Date: January 20th, 2024
Pages: 278
Language: English