Photography Business Basics: 10 Years of Photography Business Knowledge in 10 Short Chapters (Paperback)

Photography Business Basics: 10 Years of Photography Business Knowledge in 10 Short Chapters By Natasha Martinez, Mark Maryanovich Cover Image

Photography Business Basics: 10 Years of Photography Business Knowledge in 10 Short Chapters (Paperback)


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Why do some photographers succeed when others fail? It's often because the successful ones know the Photography Business Basics...

Are you:

  • An established Photographer looking for business tips that will help you streamline your systems and optimize your business?
  • A professional Photographer overwhelmed by the aspects necessary to maintain your business?
  • An aspiring Photographer interested in expanding your skills and hobby to a profitable and sustainable career?

If so, we are here to help

  • Save countless hours searching for the right information
  • Stop wasting money on items and tactics that bring you no value
  • Avoid the costly mistakes and many pitfalls artists in the business world fall prey to
  • Benefit from the knowledge we've learned

As two real world photography business entrepreneurs who've struggled and learned (sometimes the hard way) how to go from starving artist to savvy businessperson, we hope to help the most number of Photographers have the greatest success.

Whether you're a wedding photographer, portrait photographer, commercial photographer, this is a photography business must-have -

A current, post-Covid invaluable book for emerging, mid-career, and experienced photographers of all specialties interested in starting or making their own freelance business the best it can be.

As a photography business encompasses so many moving parts, a quick reference guide is essential to help you succeed as soon as possible. This book provides you with the foundational knowledge you need to quickly enhance your business.

The fundamentals to run your own photography business successfully aren't secrets. It's just a matter of finding and learning them.

The strategies and tips in this book have been refined from a decade of researching and absorbing literally thousands of blog posts, webinars and courses, brought together in one concise, informative and interesting guide.

Written with a friendly, conversational tone Photography Business Basics offers easy to read, practical advice explained in a step-by-step direction, using an innovative work-back plan that logically deconstructs a mountain of activities into smaller manageable actions.

You will learn how to:

  • Determine goals that encompass your definition of success
  • Apply bookkeeping and accounting fundamentals
  • Implement the simple and most effective way to set your Pricing
  • Create your Target Market Personas
  • Design your Brand
  • Craft your Sales Funnel
  • Construct a Marketing Plan based on Marketing Math
  • Use current SEO strategies to improve your search engine rankings and discover the only analytics metric that matters
  • Deliver a Client experience that generates repeat business and referrals (the best and most profitable business you can have as a Photographer)
  • Build a solid Business Plan that lays the groundwork for success

Most photographers are creative by nature and lack the business skills and mindset needed to consistently earn a living as a Professional. Don't let this be you.

If you are overworked and under-payed and looking for a simple method to better understand and manage your business and earn more money, then this book is for you. Start building the most successful photography business you can today

Book length: 172 pages

Word count: 32,083.

Product Details ISBN: 9798223602125
Publisher: Natasha Martinez with Mark Maryanovich
Publication Date: November 10th, 2023
Pages: 178
Language: English