Dictionary of 8-Letter Words: Words You Should Know (Abridged / Paperback)

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In this book, you will learn the meanings of 1050 useful 8-letter words. You will also find the names of the parts of speech they belong to. I have also given synonyms for most of these words. Sample this: 01 -- aberrant adj.] -- unusual or socially unacceptable; departing from an accepted standard synonyms: abnormal, deviant, nonstandard] --- 02 -- ablation n.] -- the loss, removal or destruction of material from an object such as rock, iceberg, etc. through the action of the sun, rain, wind, etc. --- 03 -- abortive adj.] -- (of an action) failing to produce the intended result synonyms: failed, fruitless, unproductive, unsuccessful] --- 04 -- abrasion n.] -- (a). a damaged area of sth such as skin or rock where it has been rubbed or scrapped against sth hard and rough; (b). the process of damaging the surface of sth such as rock or by friction or erosion --- 05 -- abridged adj.] -- a shortened version of an 'original text' synonyms: abbreviated, shortened] --- 06 -- abrogate v.] -- to officially cancel or end sth such as a law, agreement, contract, decision, etc. and make them no longer valid synonyms: repeal, revoke, rescind] --- 07 -- abruptly adj.] -- (a). in an unpleasant manner that is sudden, rapid or unexpected synonyms: hastily, suddenly, unexpectedly]; (b). (related to the way of talking) in an unfriendly manner --- 08 -- abstruse adj.] -- complicated and difficult to understand especially when could be explained in an easier way synonyms: perplexing, puzzling] --- 09 -- accolade n.] -- praise, recognition or an award for an artistic achievement synonym: honor] --- 10 -- adhesion n.] -- the ability, action or process to stick or become attached to a surface or object synonyms: bond, linkage] --- 11 -- adultery n.] -- physical relationship (intercourse) between a married person and sb who is not their spouse or partner synonyms: infidelity, treachery ] --- 12 -- aesthete n.] -- a person who has a love, understanding, sensitivity and appreciation of works of art and beautiful things --- 13 -- affected adj.] -- (of a person or their behavior) insincere, pretentious or unnatural --- 14 -- agitator n.] -- a person who urges others to take part in a protest or rebel, especially political one synonyms: campaigner, dissenter, protestor] --- 15 -- allergic adj.] -- (a). having an allergy to sth; (b). caused by allergy; (c). having an aversion to somebody/something --- 16 -- allusion n.] -- a word or phrase that makes a reference to a specific person, event, place, etc. in an indirect way synonym: insinuation] --- 17 -- allusive adj.] -- containing a word or phrase that makes a reference to a specific person, event, place, etc. in an indirect way --- 18 -- almighty adj.] -- (a). (in prayers) having ultimate power; (b). enormous or severe --- 19 -- anecdote n.] -- (a). a short, funny or interesting account of a real person or event synonym: tale]; (b). an unreliable personal account of an event especially synonym: hearsay] --- 20 -- ardently adv.] -- in a way that shows strong emotion or feeling such as love, fondness, etc. for somebody/something synonyms: enthusiastically, passionately] --- 21 -- artfully adv.] -- (a). in a manner that is clever or skillful but also cunning or dishonest; (b). (of things or actions) in a way that shows creative skill or taste --- 22 -- artifice n.] -- the clever use of tricks to cheat or deceive sb synonyms: deception, pretense]; (b). a skilled piece of workmanship --- 23 -- aspirant adj.] -- a person who has a strong desire to be successful in a particular career or activity synonym: contender]

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Publication Date: July 25th, 2021
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