Dictionary of 10-Letter Words: Words You Should Know (Paperback)

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In this book, you will learn the meanings of 900 useful 10-letter words. You will also find the names of the parts of speech they belong to. I have also given synonyms for most of these words. Sample this: 01 -- aberrantly adv.] -- in a manner that is unusual or socially unacceptable; departing from an accepted standard synonym: abnormally] --- 02 -- abhorrence n.] -- a feeling of strong hate for a way of thinking or behaving for moral reasons synonyms: detestation, disgust, hatred, loathing, repugnance] --- 03 -- abominable adj.] -- extremely bad or unpleasant and causing a strong feeling of dislike or disapproval synonyms: appalling, detesting, monstrous, repulsive] --- 04 -- abortively adv.] -- (of an action) in a manner that fails to produce the intended result synonyms: fruitlessly, unproductively, unsuccessfully] --- 05 -- abrogation n.] -- an act of officially canceling or ending sth such as a law, agreement, contract, decision, etc. and making them no longer valid --- 06 -- abruptness n.] -- (a). (of an action) rapidness or unexpectedness synonyms: hastiness, suddenness, unexpectedness]; (b). rudeness --- 07 -- abstemious adj.] -- not allowing yourself to indulge too much in enjoyable activities such as eating food or drinking alcohol synonym: ascetic] --- 08 -- abstracted adj.] -- thinking deeply about sth and lacking concentration or not paying attention to what is happening around one. synonyms: absentminded, inattentive, distracted, preoccupied] --- 09 -- abstrusely adv.] -- in a manner that is complicated and difficult to understand especially when could be explained in an easier way synonyms: perplexingly, puzzlingly] --- 10 -- accusative adj.] -- (in some languages such as Latin, Greek and German) the form of a noun, a pronoun or an adjective when it is the direct object of a verb, or object of prepositions; n.] -- a word in the accusative case --- 11 -- adamantine adj.] -- extremely strong; impossible to break or smash --- 12 -- adaptively - in a manner that shows an ability to change when necessary in order to deal with different or changing situations --- 13 -- adjectival adj.] -- containing, being, relating to or functioning as an adjective --- 14 -- adulterous adj.] -- of or involving physical relationship (intercourse) between a married person and sb who is not their spouse or partner synonyms: disloyal, treacherous] --- 15 -- advantaged adj.] -- being in or having a comparatively favorable position over others in terms of a financial or social situation synonym: privileged] --- 16 -- adventurer n.] -- a man who enjoys taking risks or is willing to take risks with a view to acquire political power or to get success in a business, sometimes in a dishonest way --- 17 -- affectedly adv.] -- in an insincere, pretentious and unnatural way to impress other people --- 18 -- aggrandize v.] -- to increase power, wealth, importance or status of a person or country synonyms: enhance; extend] --- 19 -- aggravated adj.] -- (of crime or offense) involving further unnecessary violence or unpleasant behavior --- 20 -- allusively adv.] -- in a manner that contains a word or phrase that makes a reference to a specific person, event, place, etc. in an indirect way --- 21 -- amateurism n.] -- (a). the practicing of an activity, especially a sport, for enjoyment or interest on an unpaid basis; (b). the fact, state or quality of being unskilled or not competent at a particular activity. --- 22 -- ambassador n.] -- (a). a high-ranking official, who is representative to a foreign country synonyms: diplomat, envoy]; (b). a promoter of a particular activity --- 23 -- anticlimax n.] -- a series of ideas arranged in the order of decreasing importance --- 24 -- antiquated adj.] -- (of things or ideas) out-of-date and no longer useful, suitable or accepted for modern conditions synonyms: obsolete, outdated, outmoded.

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