Stop Smoking Easily: How to Quit Smoking in a Safe, Lasting and Easy Way - The Definitive Handbook (Paperback)

Stop Smoking Easily: How to Quit Smoking in a Safe, Lasting and Easy Way - The Definitive Handbook By Yuki Yishida (Editor), Frank Cant (Illustrator), Chiara Surico (Translator) Cover Image
By Yuki Yishida (Editor), Frank Cant (Illustrator), Chiara Surico (Translator)
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Are you obsessed with cigarettes?
Have you ever tried to quit smoking without resigning yourself to the idea?
Have you quit smoking but got weight?
You don't know how to live without a cigarette, you can't concentrate, do you crave and experience social discomfort without it?
Can't stop smoking? Are you compulsive and without loneliness?

Have you undergone an anti-smoking treatment? Have you already read a famous book without success?

➡️ Quitting smoking has never been so concrete and lasting.

Unlike Allen Car's overrated It's Easy to Quit Smoking, QUIT SMOKING EASILY the Definitive Handbook provides the most comprehensive structured and effective path that exists in the market.

  1. How to get rid of the cigarette in a simple, lasting and effective way
  2. Anticipate knowing, anticipating and understanding the triggering moments and defusing them before they occur
  3. Quit smoking and achieve a healthy weight without gaining weight
  4. Improve your health in general and improve physical and mental performance
  5. Become, revert to being a non-smoker (you will not be an ex-smoker)

By reading the book you will go through these STEPS:
  1. AWARENESS In which you will learn and discover a lot about yourself and the relationship with the cigarette
  2. DETERMINATION In which you will develop the energy to leave effectively
  3. ACTION You will take the correct and timely actions to get immediate benefit
  4. REFURBISHMENT you will cement your new non-smoker behaviours
The author will follow you step by step just as he was with you. Inside, you will find the cards that you could fill in and that will help you get rid of this evil.
You will finally be free

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ISBN: 9798472726818
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 7th, 2021
Pages: 198
Language: English