When I'm Gone: Your Final Wishes and Everything Your Loved Ones Need to Know After You're Gone (Paperback)

When I'm Gone: Your Final Wishes and Everything Your Loved Ones Need to Know After You're Gone By Elysium Print Cover Image
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Everything your loved ones need to know when you're gone This end of life planner helps you to organize life's many details and record your final wishes. Don't postpone important matters and spare your family and friends unnecessary expense and the burden to make choices under pressure of emotion and time. Using this planner today means greater peace of mind for those loved ones later. It makes sure that those closest to you recognize your wishes and have all they need to handle your affairs. Completing this final wishes organizer will help ensure that the people you care about will not have to worry if they made the right decisions.This planning booklet helps you compile a variety of important information and instructions for dependents that is often necessary when planning for a loss.
You can record the following information:
  • Personal Record
    All your personal information
  • Financial Information
    Bank accounts & Credit cards, Mortgage, Pension/Retirement plans, Insurance (e.g. health, car, homeowners, other), Location of important documents, Other important financial information.
  • Funeral Wishes
    Your Funeral preferences, Obituary, Personal instructions, Final deposition, Special wishes and instructions.
  • Online Accounts
    Email, social media accounts, subscriptions or other important login information.
  • Notification
    People that you want to get notified of your passing
  • Genealogy/Family
    Space to record grandparents, siblings, spouse(s), children, step-children, grandchildren, etc
  • Your Pets
    All important information about your pets
  • Belongings
    Your belongings and what to do with them.
  • Special Thoughts...
    Some thoughts you would like to share with your family and friends.
  • Miscellaneous Information
    All other information not covered in the previous pages
* Please keep this guide in a safe place that is easily accessible and let those close to you know about this document. You may also decide to give a copy to a loved one who lives outside your home.
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ISBN: 9798607122614
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: January 31st, 2020
Pages: 62
Language: English