Mughal Empire: A History from Beginning to End (History of India) (Paperback)

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Discover the remarkable history of the Mughal Empire...For more than two hundred years, the Mughal Empire dominated the Indian subcontinent. It became one of the largest empires on the planet with an army of almost one million men at arms and an economy that was stronger than any other at the time. The Mughal Empire developed new art and architecture, and some of the things created during this empire are still regarded as iconic representations of India.

Although most of its conquests were achieved through the application of military power, this was also a relatively liberal, pluralist empire which successfully assimilated people from varied cultural and religious background into a total population of over one hundred and fifty million. Perhaps that is surprising given that this empire originated with an invasion by nomadic Mongols from the north; the very first Mughal emperor was a direct descendent of both Genghis Khan and Tamerlane.

Then, just when the Mughal Empire seemed to have become invincible, it disintegrated in an astonishingly short space of time. This book tells the story of how the Mughal Empire was able to achieve almost unimaginable power and wealth and how within the nature of that success were the elements which eventually tore the empire apart. This is the complex, exciting story of the rapid rise and even more rapid collapse of the mighty, colorful, vibrant, and complex Mughal Empire.

Discover a plethora of topics such as
  • The Emergence of Babur
  • The Reign of Akbar the Great
  • Consolidation and Glory
  • Art, Architecture and Science in the Mughal Empire
  • Decline of the Mughal Empire
  • India Falls under British Control
  • And much more
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Product Details
ISBN: 9798637037292
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: June 1st, 2020
Pages: 48
Language: English
Series: History of India