Sindhi Roots and Rituals Part 1 (Paperback)

Sindhi Roots and Rituals Part 1 By Dayal N. Harjani Aka Daduzen Cover Image
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Mr. Dayal N Harjani's recent publication " Sindhi Roots and Rituals" a magnum opus, is the outcome of Harjani's painstaking research of years, studying hundereds of books and collecting the information orally from vast number of persons with intimate knowledge. He has successfully unraveled the historical, economical and cultural past of the most ancient race of Indus Valley civilization, with incisive analysis and deep insight. No doubt it is his labour of love and sense of responsibility, which has induced him to undertake the arduous tast, never attempted before.
Sindhi Roots & Rituals Part I is a narrative of historical, religious and demographic roots.

Exploring the subject under his lenses, Harjani has realised that Sindhi commmunity is passing through a serious Identity Crisis.Sindhi Language the quintessence of its rich culture is in dire condition. It hangs at the perilous precipice from where it is poised to leap into the chasm of oblivion.

The sound of tolling bells is quite loud and clear.

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ISBN: 9798686404847
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 15th, 2020
Pages: 380
Language: English