Brunanburh located through Egil's saga: Hunwick in County Durham (Paperback)

Brunanburh located through Egil's saga: Hunwick in County Durham By Björn Vernharðsson, Stefán Björnsson Cover Image
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We focus attention to the possible sites for the Battle of Brunanburh by paying extra attention to all known sources known for the battle. We focus on two known poems that describe the events in detail; that is the Brunanburh poem and the poems in Egil's saga as well as other known sources for this battle. The poems in Egil's saga are contemporary with the events, even though the saga was written in the 13th century, the poems are older and are thought to be the work of Egill Skallagr msson himself. We also use other references that conform to elements in other known sources like the issue of silver in this time. We conclude from all these sources that the Battle might have been fought in Hunwick in County Durham. We revive the poems in Egil's saga, the Brunanburh poem and the relation these poems have with the old Icelandic poem V lusp and we conclude that the Brunanburh poem is much related to these Old Icelandic poems and Egill Skallagr msson might have been the poet of the Brunanburh poem.

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ISBN: 9798698201366
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: November 1st, 2020
Pages: 182
Language: English