Nordic Bakery And Polish Cookbook: 2 Books In 1: Over 150 Recipes For Preparing At Home Traditional Food And Desserts From Poland And Scandinavia (Paperback)

Nordic Bakery And Polish Cookbook: 2 Books In 1: Over 150 Recipes For Preparing At Home Traditional Food And Desserts From Poland And Scandinavia Cover Image
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Are you looking for a complete Polish And Nordic cookbook?In this 2 books in 1 by Adele Tyler you will learn how to prepare over 150 recipes with traditional dishes from Poland and European Nordic Regions.

In the first book, Polish Cookbook, you will discover 77 recipes for traditional Polish food.

Located in between the Central Europe and the Nordic Countries, Poland is land rich of history that lived in depth every major turnaround in the European scene across the centuries.

As it happens for every country with such history - another notable example would be Italy - also the culinary landscape is rich of contamination and in many Polish dishes is clear the touch given by one cuisine or another.

The Polish cuisine is rich and high in calories, similar to Nordic Countries and Russia, given the extreme temperature that can be reached during winter. Summer, though, is warm enough in a perfect Central European style, allowing to add into the menu several fresh dishes, vegetables and cucumbers.

The most famous dish is surely Pierogi, the Polish dumplings well known worldwide, but from chicken soups to cabbage rolls, pancakes and delicious cookies, the traditional recipes from Poland will not disappoint you.

In Polish Cookbook by Adele Tyler Blanc you will learn:

  • 70 recipes for preparing at home tradition Polish recipes
  • 70 recipes easy to make with ingredients that can be found in the local supermarkets
  • History and traditions of polish cuisine

If you want to explore a new way of cooking coming directly from Europe, this cookbook is for you.

In the second book, Nordic Bakery Cookbook, you will find 77 recipes for quick easy and tasty recipes from Northern European countries.

Red meat and dark beer are the first two dishes that come up to mind when thinking to nordic countries. Despite it is true that the nordic cuisine relies on stew, deer, fish and vegetables, from 1800s on in the whole are grew a strong interest towards the baking art.

People started to cook for their families and for commercial purposes small loaves of bread, often enriched with local ingredients in both salty and sweet versions.

While up north, in Norway and Finland the king of bread is the soft barley one, in the central region across Norway and Sweden the most consumed version is the hard barley bread. Moving south, in the Stockholm region, the hard rye bread is the favorite, up until Denmark, where soft rye bread is preferred.

In Nordic Bakery Cookbook by Adele Tyler you will learn:

  • How to prepare traditional Scandinavian desserts, pastry and baked products
  • 77 recipes for authentic nordic desserts
  • Recipes from Sweden, Norway, Denmark for amazing oven baked products and enriched breads

If you like nordic recipes and alternative baked pastry, this cookbook is for you

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