UFO Science: Secret New Physics, Vehicles, & UAP (Paperback)

UFO Science: Secret New Physics, Vehicles, & UAP By G. O. Turner, Kaz Morran (Editor) Cover Image

UFO Science: Secret New Physics, Vehicles, & UAP (Paperback)


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The truth may not be as hard to understand as you think

Are you ready to explore the latest theories and evidence behind these incredible craft? Then this book is for you Uncover the secrets of alien reproduction vehicles, declassified Pentagon incidents, and much more. With this guidebook, you'll have a compendium of emerging physics and a deeper understanding of our place in the universe.

Gain a comprehensive overview of the current state of UFO physics:

  • Learn mind-bending theories from scientists like Salvatore Pais, Jack Sarfatti, and Bob Lazar
  • Explore case studies built around declassified Pentagon incidents
  • Discover the implications of these mysteries for our place within the universe

Don't miss out on this fascinating UFO Science compendium. The secrets are yours... if you act now.

Product Details ISBN: 9798989145904
Publisher: Little Vast Studios, LLC
Publication Date: October 6th, 2023
Pages: 154
Language: English