Clarity Now

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Do you feel stuck?  Blocked?  Indecisive?  CLARITY NOW is a handbook, a guidebook: your personal, portable access to clarity anytime you need it.  Whether you feel stuck or blocked in your relationships, health and well being, work life, finances, or your overall life direction, the methods, worksheets and exercises presented in this book can guide you through your confusion and bring you CLARITY NOW.  Many people have already benefited from following the Simple Steps carefully presented in this volume.  Now you can, too.  Do you feel caught in patterns you can’t seem to escape?  Then this is the book for you.  Pick it up, engage its content, let it help free you from your own mental traps and lead you to clarity, now!

About the Author:

Kathryn Deputat has been writing, teaching, and facilitating clarity in clients and students for over 25 years.  A high honors graduate of Wellesley College, ULC Minister, and certified Reiki Master, Kathryn is founder of CLARITYWORK, Love’s Freeway, and Boston Reiki Healing.  Based in Boston, she serves clients worldwide.

Pages: 139
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