The Great Southern Wild Game Cookbook (Kobo eBook)

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Some people might be worried about the taste and quality of a hunter's catch, but Sam Goolsby offers this collection of recipes to illustrate how to make wild game into a delicious meal everyone can enjoy. This compilation has recipes for squirrel, possum, alligator, armadillo, quail, grouse, seafood, and more.

Each of the eleven chapters showcases the different categories of food and divides them by course and ingredient for easy reference. There are also illustrations throughout the book. With this helpful guide, anyone can make wild game into a remarkably flavorful and appealing meal. There is an appendix at the end of the book illustrating the proper way to clean and dress game, along with some hunting tips.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Sam Goolsby is president of Cedar Creek Hunting Lodge. Located in the Piedmont area of Georgia, it is one of the most successful hunting lodges in the South. Goolsby thoroughly enjoys hunting for its restful and exhilarating properties, and he finds preparing and cooking the food to be equally relaxing. Goolsby hopes that by sharing his techniques, an increasing number of people will come to share his enjoyment of game preparation.

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ISBN-13: 9781455605347
Publisher: Pelican Publishing
Publication Date: March 31st, 1999