The Healthy Electric Smoker Cookbook (Kobo eBook)

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Authentic smoked flavor for those who don't prefer to spend hours monitoring their low-and-slow barbecue.

With***The*** Healthy Electric Smoker Cookbook, you can confidently smoke just about anything, offering many advantages over traditional smoking methods.

- More convenient - Precise temperature control means you don't need to spend hours tweaking temperature, adding wood, and tending to the smoker.
- Less cost - Conventional smokers require a significant amount of wood to produce consistent smoke and heat over long periods of time, but electric smokers use a very small amount of wood, which is used for flavoring and not as the energy source.
- Smaller footprint - Electric smokers take up significantly less space and produce much less ash than traditional smokers.

From happy hour, to entrée, to dessert, use any brand of electric smoker to wow your family and neighbors without building a smokehouse in your backyard. Plus, no unnecessary carbs and processed ingredients needed. Smoke your own skinny jalapeño margaritas, chipotle sriracha wings, cilantro lime beef satay, or dark chocolate brownies with bourbon whipped cream. Sure, you can loiter and watch your ribs slowly tenderize if you want, but you can also go do your yard work while your electric appliance turns out the most perfectly smoked and traditionally flavored barbecue you've ever created.

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ISBN-13: 9781465489371
Publisher: Alpha
Publication Date: May 7th, 2019