The United States and Syria, 1989–2014 (Kobo eBook)

The United States and Syria, 1989–2014 By Ibraheem Saeed Al-Baidhani Cover Image
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A historical political study of the Syrian-U.S. relations during the period of Altaif Conference 1989 to the Geneva 2 Conference in 2014. And it seems that the traditional factors that ruled paths relations since 1949 has retained its importance and took the constancy type and continuity, and these factors are competing the U.S. and Russian interests in Syria and the security of Israel and the Palestinian cause. But that historical period that is the research revealed new factors and motives contributed in drawing U.S. policy toward Syria track, and perhaps the first is the effect of the Lebanese cause and the emergence of Hezbollah and the role of Iran in support of Syria and Hezbollah. And these are all factors that have been the focus of study in this book, even the crisis in Syria, which broke out in 2011, and developments and their impact on the course and the path of U.S. policy toward Syria. And read the reasons for the escalation and the causes of violence and the role of parties, Islamic extremist and Islamic state (ISIS) in this conflict. The Syrian crisis has become one of the most important areas of international and regional conflict and has important repercussions on the region and international relations.

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Publication Date: September 29th, 2015