Tiger I and Tiger II Tanks (Kobo eBook)

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An in-depth overview of these fearsome heavy tanks, including photos, illustrations, and modeling information.

Tiger tanks were among the most-feared fighting vehicles of the Second World War. They gained almost legendary status—yet they never fulfilled their potential, because they were not produced in sufficient numbers and the tide of the war had turned against the German army by the time they were introduced.

Often they were deployed in difficult circumstances and in defensive battles, struggling against the odds. Nowhere was this truer than in western Europe during the Allied advance across France and into Germany, and it is the Tigers of this phase of the war that Dennis Oliver portrays in his third volume on the Tiger in the TankCraft series. Using archive photos and extensively researched color illustrations, he examines the Tiger tanks and units of the German Army and Waffen-SS heavy panzer battalions that struggled to resist the onslaught of Allied armor and air attacks during the last days of the conflict.

A key section of his book displays available model kits and aftermarket products, complemented by a gallery of beautifully constructed and painted models in various scales. Technical details as well as modifications introduced during production and in the field are also examined, providing everything the modeler needs to recreate an accurate representation of these historic tanks.