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“Enthralling . . . [a] sly, rich and swift novel of vengeance and rough justice.”—The Seattle Times


Sebastião Raposa is only thirteen when his parents are unjustly imprisoned by the Inquisition, and he is forced to flee Portugal or face the same fate. But a decade in exile only whets his appetite for vengeance—transforming a once frightened boy into a dangerous man, determined to right unforgivable wrongs with unrelenting fury.

Well schooled by his benefactor, bounty hunter Benjamin Weaver, in the use of wits and fists alike, Sebastião returns to Lisbon—in the guise of English businessman Sebastian Foxx—to stalk the ruthless Inquisitor priest Pedro Azinheiro. But in a city ruled by terror and treachery, no enemy can be underestimated, nor any ally trusted. As Foxx is drawn into the struggles of old friends, confronted by new foes, and forced to play a game of deception, he finds himself befriended, betrayed, tempted by desire, and tormented by personal turmoil. And when a twist of fate turns his plans to chaos, he must choose between surrendering to bloodlust or serving the cause of mercy.

Praise for The Day of Atonement

“One of the masters of the historical thriller, Liss is back with yet another highly entertaining novel. . . . [The Day of Atonement] paints a vivid picture of the waning days of the Inquisition, and of the truly evil religious leaders who led it. One of Liss’s best books.”—Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Foxx is reminiscent of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher: a man with his own moral code who takes on multiple adversaries simultaneously. . . . Liss has the start of another solidly researched, action-packed historical series here.”Booklist (starred review)

“[An] action-packed novel.”The Wall Street Journal

“Snappy dialogue and convincing atmosphere . . . The plot moves swiftly to a shattering climax.”The Washington Post

“Another intriguing thriller set against historical events for Liss, who has a knack for period detail, breakneck plots and characters we want to root for.”San Antonio Express-News

“Fans of [David] Liss know well his mix of dark arts and historical detail.”—New York Daily News

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ISBN-13: 9781588369635
Publisher: Random House
Publication Date: September 23rd, 2014