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There's your current life. And then… there's Your Next Level Life. It's time to bring your career, income, lifestyle, and legacy to a whole new level with this motivational book by Karen Arrington—award-winning humanitarian and philanthropist and founder of the Miss Black USA Pageant. No more playing small. It’s time to level up! In Your Next Level Life, Karen asks readers, “How big do you want to live?” She en-courages women to channel their inner Beyoncé, reach for the stars, and never settle for a life of invisibility, poverty, or mediocrity. Karen outlines seven rules of power, confidence, and opportunity for black women—showing readers "how to create all the money you need” through grants, scholarships, awards, sponsorship deals, and entrepreneurial projects, “how to position yourself like a star” featuring tips from a makeup guru whose clientele includes Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey, “how to find your Next Level friends” and connect with powerful women you’ve always dreamed of meeting, and more. Your Next Level Life is an inspiring quick-read that will get women everywhere asking, “What’s my Next Level Life?” If you’re ready to set ambitious goals and dramatically up-grade your quality of life, Karen is here to guide the way.